Will SQUEEGiT™ scratch the surface of my Apple or other electronic products?

SQUEEGiT™ when used as directed will safely clean your Apple gear (& other manufacturers)

Will SQUEEGiT™ "fix" existing scratches?

SQUEEGiT™ will not fix or reduce existing scratches

Can SQUEEGiT™ be used on any electronic devices screen?

At this time CLEANAiD™ (our cleaning solution) has been formulated to safely clean glass displays as found on Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and laptops. We have tested CLEANAiD™ on many other manufacturers touch smartphones, tablet computers, laptop computers, computer monitors. A general rule of thumb is that consumer electronic devices with glass screens, should experience no problems with our solution. Some plastic covered screens may have problems, however we have not had any issues.

What kind of equipment can be cleaned with SQUEEGiT™?

We have found our products work well with smart phones, tablet PC's, laptop computers, net book computers, eReaders, TV's, portable gaming devices (PSP & DS1), & computer monitors.

Will SQUEEGiT™ cause streaks?

No. Our tests have shown that, if used as directed, and with a bit of practice, our products provide a streak-free surface.

What is the warranty on SQUEEGiT™?

We offer a 100% refund for any manufacturing defects found with our products.

Where can I buy SQUEEGiT™?

Currently our products are only available on our web site. Stay tuned for announcements on major new retailers.

Will SQUEEGiT™ make it through airport security checks for carry-on baggage?

Yes. Both the SQUEEGiT™ and it's isopropyl-water-based cleaning liquid meet FAA and other international standards for liquid carry-on luggage.